not hottest asian girl alive, hottest girl alive. period.
u know im right
作者 Rory 2003年12月04日
she is mine so all yall boners go down because..shes mine.. allll mine
fuck yeah ill do her now..and a girl also..
作者 [tracy] 2003年11月22日
=HOTTEST ASIAN CHICK ALIVE!!! fukken rock!!!!!
作者 x 2003年10月17日
Dude she is mine motha fucka. We had secks you.
作者 Dick! 2003年8月09日
No, she's mine!
I had secks with Tila Nguyen last night.
作者 h4x0r 2003年8月08日
The hottest woman on the earth. 'david' is a fucking moron, she doesn't have 'the hugest tites'. While her boobs aren't that big she's way hotter than any other female.
shes mine motherfuckers, i actually HAVE had sex with her. Beat that, motherfuckers.
作者 tila'sman 2004年4月10日


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