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someone from a low socio economic background that finds flannelette shirts and tracksuit pants to be high fashion. someone that rates low in the gene pool when it comes to sense, style & morality but still finds the time to breed and gather government benefits.
This suburb is filled with tip rats
#britney spears #trash #trailer trash #tippy #bum
作者 Anthony L 2006年6月14日
Quite simply means a rat that lives at the tip (tip=garbage dump in Australia). Generally used as a payout or way to describe someone who you do not like.
Geez that guy is a tiprat!
#idiot #dumbass #wanker #tosser #fool
作者 Blackmath 2006年6月28日
One who has similar characteristics to a rodent living in an area of land designated for the storage of human waste.
Ahhh take a bath you fuckin tip rat
作者 fatty 2004年4月07日
a collingwood footballer
didak- what a tiprat!
#scum #rat #peasant #plem #scumbag
作者 eddiemc 2008年8月08日
A low level employee in an office environment. A white collar equivalent of a shitkicker.
Before Craig finished his law degree he was a just another tiprat working in customer service.
#tippy #titrat #pleb #mook #commoner
作者 clubsamwich 2007年1月18日
A person who scabs food off others. Likes to snack on the crumbs of other peoples food. In AFL terms does not handpass and crumbs goals. It is also used as a insult to people that look like rats
Joe: Did you watch the game last night ?

Mason: Yer bloody tip rat :@
#tip rat #tip #rat #ugly #milne #stephen #afl #st kilda
作者 big_joe6 2011年11月22日
An endangered wild animal known to inhabit the pockets of south oval. This species, whilst not particularly agile or fast, uses its ability to menace to find scraps and consume as many crumbs as possible. The 'Tip Rat' is also known to engage in sexual activities with underage intoxicated humans. Furthermore, the 'tip rat' is a feral, wild creature which should be approached with caution at all times. Hailing from old southern money in Brighton, the tip rat is known to justify its existence with a "mandate from the people" - little does it realise that it is indeed the bottom feeder of any ecosystem.
"Don't be such a tip rat"
"There are some disgusting creatures out there, but none are worse than the tip rat"
#thommo #james thompson #president #wild ratatta #menace
作者 big king kong boss dog 2013年10月29日


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