shit eating, ass clowns
boi; wot be up boi
boi2;is you dissin me boi,
boi3;yo mom
作者 spliff smokin metal head 2004年6月27日
what a townie is
1) a person who wears "rockports" or "nike air trainers"
2)coats-henri Lloyd,GILL,rockport
3) a cap that hangs half of there head
4)or, bleach blonde hair gelled to there head
4) go's around beating ppl up 4 no aperent reason
5)talks like "buzzin" "dont chat" "nugget"
6)they dislike ppl wearing any black clothing
7)they also dislike ppl not listing to hardcore dance or "blazin squad"
8)tonnes of think gold sorerigns, or big loopy earings
9)trackys that are tucked in the socks
10)they dislike ppl who dont smoke
11) they dislike ppl who are ther own individual
In conclusion townies are aload of pricks who really all should be shot dead.
ur walkin down a street and a townie go's "sweaty mosher" or "mosh mosh get a wash" or "f**kin goth ill knock u out" and takes a drag of his/her cig.
作者 Lucy! 2004年4月17日
Dumb people who are lame and some and get pi*ssed every weekend
Townies are ghey b*stards and are only hard in numbers.They cant talk either...
See also.Ape.Monkey.Cavemen.............
作者 Callum macinnes 2004年4月02日
If you, like me, are lucky enough to live near Middlesbrough you will see more than your fair share of townies:

Hopelessly retarded scumbags who, if male, will wear an almost horizonal baseball cap (usually tartan), either some sort of tracksuit top or a Reebok sweatshirt, with Adidas, Reebok, Nike etc. tracksuit bottoms tucked into a pair of scruffy football socks and topped off with a pair of scuffed Ellesse/Adidas/Lacoste trainers. They will be found riding their bikes through the middle of town with about 5 of their mates, listening to "happy hardcore" and/or garage music ;/;/ or sat outside the off license in gangs of ten or more waiting for "our brova" to come out with their bottle of cider.
Female townies indulge in similar activities but rather than sporting a (most likely stolen) bike, will have a pram with their bastard child in it. You can recognise them by the incredibly tight ponytails, too much make up and combo of Kappa tracksuit top and leggings/shell suit bottoms, along with their constant cries (and this counts for males as well) of "ere youuu!"
Other activities they enjoy are: being knobheads, giving people a hard time for NO reason, calling people moshers because they wear baggy jeans, making normal, respectable people's lives less fun, burning things, stealing things and generally making the world a worse place.

Judging by the amount of negative comments on this site it appears that NO-ONE likes them and they would probably all just be better off dead.
I hate them, their very existence makes me unhappy, although at least I am safe in the knowledge that I aren't one :).
"fu'in' swear down mee!! Propa gay you, swear down!!"
作者 bxt 2004年3月31日
townies buy all their jewellwry from argos and their clothes from the market and jjb. they go around in groups of 30+, hang around outside corner shops and intimidate old people. they wear rockports, reeboks and trackies, usually in a very bright colour. they hav a fag superglued 2 their lips and all reckon they 'is ard innit mush'.
''oi mush, got a fag'' or ''oi u startin?'' if male
''look wot i chavved from superdrug'' or ''oi u startin?'' if female.
作者 EEV33 2004年3月26日
People who spk lyk dis cos it iz well sound innit...*shudders*.
Also many other ways to describe them but can't be bothhhherd
Townie 1: Origggghhhhh
Townie 2: Orrriiggghhh
Townie 1: Owz u
Townie 2: 'righhhht u?
...a few minutes later...(Townies 1 and 2 walk past some poeple who don't dress the ame as them in their matching hoodys and trakky bottoms. The people look at them...)
Townie 1: Oi, Youu startinnn'?
People look..and reply 'no..why'?
Townie 2: YER MUMMM (for no apparent reason
作者 Fwannnnnnny 2004年2月23日
a person (10-19) who goes around thinking they are and i quote "wel ard" starting fights with anyone who is even remotley different but they always lose the fight. they wear stupid adidas/ nike/ burberry hats pulled as tight as they can and placed at a 90 digree angle on there heads.
(townie) ook ah dat ucking gothic kid lets kiwl im
作者 mr happy 2004年2月16日



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