can be used to mean a complete and utter prick
作者 toWn-e 2003年4月28日
Adj. can be used as a noun.

Moronic people who live in cities/towns with little to no knowledge of practical life skills. Usually incapable of surviving on their own. Not used to physical labor or outdoors, yet have large egoes and superiority complexes, considering themselves better than non-townies.

word originates in rural southern Illinois.
(townie) "Hey can you tell me where they grow chocolate milk


(non-townie) "You dumb ass townie."
作者 Boxycolt6 2011年9月12日
were i come from a townie is someone from "town" and has a habit of saying things like payned for pound or tane for town in other places it is usually the same thing as a chav townies usually have strange names shortend into 4 letters if you are not a townie you are considered a wastman to them
townie 1:yo wassgoinon sajj

townie 2:nuffin u knows i iz chillin wiv rakz in tayn
作者 cheesefaced123 2008年10月16日
Townie is a person NOT i repeat NOT related to a chav
a townie is someone who wears normal things (such as jeans normal t-shirt and some jewelery)
Most males will although be more along the lines of chimpanzee than human.wearing tracksuits bottoms from chav central (thats right JJB) and often grunt rather than speak
the females however are normal teenage girls, who are normally wearing natural make up , jeans and t-shirt and look fairly normal doing fairly normal things, chatting speaking about boys etc
Townies say things like
shes proper fit innit!
or you me and my posse outside now innit
作者 Kezgetz 2007年6月01日
A townie is merely a 'normal' person. Someone is not quite a (chav), (goth), (grunger) or (emo). This does not always mean they are decent, it could just be that they aspire to be a chav but have not quite made it yet. It is quite a vague title that shows little about the induvidual, except that they have not made a real effort to belong to an induvidual 'group.'
作者 Catherine D 2005年8月28日
A person who will
1) start a fight with someone and then run away, saying he da man.
2) start a fight, put up a shitty resistance and then form a collective bootfucking to your ass, from all his townie friends, who in societys lack of the death penatly will live well into old age.
3) Townie rules consist of whatever they see fit, and that usually mean gang beatings.
1) Man this townie just tried to fight me and then tells everyone he won.
2) Fucking townies and their bootfucking shit.
3) Theres like 50 townies outside! sweet.
作者 Benito 2005年3月23日
a white teen who along with their crew try to copy the way of life of black teens. will listen to crappy skank cluber music and be obsessed with modding up crappy cars and dream of driving it when pissed. male townies will select a girl friend and walk with her whilst holdin her hand and also his teeny dick. some boys will be proud of wearing the playboy make and often tuck their trousers into it's socks, maround which is also a fake watch.
townie, the thing wrong with the world, not potheads or skaters or nerds, we all get along if any townies read this (which tey probably can't cos their so inbred) go die in a ditch and rot in hell.
1aarghhhh i hate f#####g townie scum
they should all be shot.

2hey dude wanna kill skallies and townie scum?
yes lets do that and then we go to and post the message that townies are dead!!
作者 ihatetownies 2004年12月08日



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