short for trifecta, always used after a con.
Post 1: I like rice.
Post 2: con
Post 3: tri
作者 bob 2004年5月26日
Short for triathlon.
Joe: Why are you training so hard?
Snowflake: I need to get into shape for an upcoming tri.
作者 mikwat 2004年5月22日
A scarce animal, only found within the westernmost regions of Canada. This animal deliberatly shows off their fake-wealth and obscenly large number of business cards to lose friends that they never even had. This creature dwells in the scum infested areas of society, using carbite hockey sticks to play road hockey games and wearing brand name clothing (which really isn't brand name considering it is pirated).
Tri was found leaving a playstation 2 at his friend's house in order to be invited over again. What a fag!
#fag #dick #friendless #triish #maneater
作者 Shea Webster 2007年3月05日
Tri is the ultimate insult to define the nonsense and the exasperating debility of its interlocutor
How pointless you are sissy virgin, you're nearly tri from ogrish
作者 Ogrish 2004年7月22日
Jew. Derived from stealing items in WoW.
He is being So Tri Today.
作者 james 2004年11月19日
a poop packer without a cause
what out baby u might get a tri up the bunghole
作者 yo mama 2003年8月05日


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