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someone that is very attractive, knows how to have a good time, and is always pleasing the ladies
tucker oh my word he is so rad
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作者 john hancock 2006年11月25日
Man with amazing blue eyes. Said to have a sexy body. Loves one girl and would die for her. Meant to live with a girl who has beautiful brown eyes. AMAZING IN BED. ;)
Man, even though his name is Ben, it should be Tucker!
#tucker #blue #sexy #hot #baby
作者 ohhyeah1 2009年7月15日
Australian slang for food.
That was some good tucker mate!
作者 markuz 2005年7月28日
is a WONDERFUL man who loves his friends and family even though at times it doesn't seem like it.he loves his girlfriend with all his heart and he treats her great.he always says the truth. He has a great and funny personality but at times can't control it. hes got brown-ish black-ish hair, sweet eyes, and i love him very much <3
#wonderful #boyfriend #love #tucker #great
作者 madiecutiepie5678 2011年11月15日
A common name for an athletic and extremely physically fit dog.
That corgi's name is Tucker and he certainly lives up to it! He ran so fast you couldn't even see his little legs, not to mention his slim, sleek body!
#tucker #slowpoke #pumpkin #lazy #zoomer #speedy
作者 Marsha Johnson 2011年10月15日
A guy who all the girls want. He's athletic, smart, and funny. He has the best eyes and a laugh that can brighten anyone's spirt. He's great with little kids. Tucker can be a great friend. Don't let him go
"Wow he has such beautiful eyes He's such a tucker!"
#ticker #trucker #tuker #fisher #ben
作者 acceeghmsss 2014年1月04日
a chill kid. usually high or doing math
"wheres tucker at? "

"probably at school doing math, or at the beach getting high"
#tucker #root #kid #high #math #study
作者 friend_of_a_friend2 2009年10月28日


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