a person who is addicted to twitter.
"wow, he just tweeted 6 times in the past three minutes."
"what a twit."
作者 stuffypupz 2010年4月04日
someone who uses the social networking site "twitter"
My girlfriend is always on twitter, she is such a twit.
作者 digireads 2010年2月05日
An insult formed from the combination of the words 'twat' and 'clit'.
She trolls for taken boys, she is such a twit!
作者 YBbloggers 2009年11月09日
Someone who tweets on Twitter.
Write is to writer as twit is to _____? (answer, Twitter)
作者 seattleanthony 2009年10月13日
A person who uses twitter.com.
All the Twits use a website called Twitter.
作者 Twitting Twitter 2009年6月13日
A Twitter user. Does anyone really need to know when you go shopping or sit on the toilet?
Allison: Did you know Ashton Kutcher has a Twitter page?
Brandon: Guess that makes him a Twit then.
Allison: wha?
Brandon: You don't get it do you.
作者 mikeygoodfella 2009年5月29日
Someone who tweets using the massive communications sensation known as Twitter.
"Yo dude, you twit?"

"You know it."


作者 stevehappens 2009年3月03日


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