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a general purpose word that can be used in almost any sentence. Eg: That table twood be made of twood, so it twood.
Other tenses of the word include: twas, twill and tis.
John twood be happy if he found the twood that Jill twas cutting because it tis a cold night and he twill burn it on the fire.
作者 pphheerroonn 2006年11月24日
A material made to look like wood but really is not
Look at my new Twood flooring
作者 Mr McDonald n Slater 2009年12月09日
Slang word for Woods but for twitter
What are you doing in your part of the twoods?
作者 anontwoods 2012年1月06日
a place where your boss goes to tie one on
where's boss?he's at the t-wood
作者 firewind 2006年7月06日
A slang name for the ever elusive anal g-spot. Generally used when frustrated by its apparent absence
Damn, I just put my finger on that twood, so to speak.
作者 atrocexhib 2008年9月21日


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