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The undergarments warn by both males and females.
I want you to do something for me..take of your undies and send them to me by express mail so I can get a sniff of what you smell like.
作者 basketcase_101 2003年6月14日
in deaf culture, the word "understand" is shortened for quick communication.
What do you mean? I don't undy.
作者 "Norma Rae" 2009年7月26日
oh undies if they get too dirty flip them inside out and they are good for another week!!!
dudei've worn my undies for two weeks straight ithink i better change them!!
作者 jojo g. 2006年10月08日
High school underclassmen (especially freshmen and sophomores).
I got shoved by an undie in the hallway today so I schooled 'im!

The undies in my photography class thought I was a freshman -_-
作者 Ello the band geek 2009年12月18日
underwear, especially women's underware
Her undies were clearly stained.
作者 Light Joker 2005年7月24日
The undercover law enforcement
Guy 1: who's that creeping
Guy 2: its the undies bro hide the loud
作者 Youngtadoe 2016年5月30日
Cock(colloqial word in malayalam)
she sucked my undy till i cummed in her mouth
作者 Varghese 2007年10月09日


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