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Person who likes to watch fat chicks out of his window
"Owen quit watching fat chicks out the window, you stupid whale watcher!
#fat chick lover #whale rider #whale bitch #fat fucker #pound pounder
作者 dutch10 2006年11月16日
One who enjoys seeing girls in low-rise jeans with the top of her thong showing along the small of her back.
You know it seems like only a few of these people can actually speak eng..... Whoah! Check out the whale tail on that chick! That didn't happen on accident.

You're a hopeless whale watcher!
#whale tail #thong #t-back #g-string #butt cleavage
作者 Odus T Brown 2009年5月13日
Lesbian. Derived from the greek word Whalla watcha snatch. Translated to "one who loves the vag"

Why whales? It must be the blow hole.
That girl jodi is such a whale watcher!
#whale #lesbian #dyke #margret chow #vag
作者 SamDePree 2009年2月27日
a common term for a lesbian.
Jon won't hit on Alison because he's pretty sure she's a whale watcher.
#gay #lesbian #dike #butch #carpet muncher
作者 whale watcher 2014年10月10日
anybody who is extremely stupid can be a whale watcher
he must be a whale watcher.
作者 heymarket station 2003年9月04日
is "Gesekki" as you know...
ssibala..shut the fuck up~
作者 Anonymous 2003年9月04日
Someone Who has no brain
You are a kind of "Whalse Watcher".
作者 Whale Watcher Watcher 2003年9月04日


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