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When you ask somebody whats goin on.
What's up, what's goin on
作者 joe dutch 2004年8月20日
how blood gang members say whats up to each other.... also used to see if you blood or not
blood 1: whats popping
Blood 2: everything
#blood #gangs #crips #gansters #popping
作者 dmoney 2 2005年11月10日
whats going on, whats really good, whats up
whats poppin tonight?
作者 KFizzle 2003年11月20日
Short slang for, "What the fuck is going on, nicca?"
What's poppin, g?
作者 Nuckra 2004年4月27日
means what's up, what's good right now, how are you
So if u ask someone "What's poppin' with you". You are asking what is good with that person or what are they doing.
#what's up #good #going on #how you #hey #hello
作者 Ohmod Logan 2006年6月23日
1) What is happening of interest. Often refers to parties or clubs.
A) Whats poppin tonight?
B) I heard there was a party up on Third St.
#whats good #whats happening #wut up #whats really good #wut up ma
作者 tha boy 2005年11月27日
Ebonic form of "Hello, how are you?", "What is new?", or "What's up?"
Person A: "What's Poppin dawg?"

Person B: "Nuttin, just watching the Country Music Awards and hockey."
作者 Lazarus Ciccone 2004年12月20日


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