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Gang related question
"Where the fuck u from dogg??"
no where homie i dont bang foo

作者 yo man 2003年2月20日
Something gang members ask to see where other gang members are from,

NEVER be in one City and Represent another.
Gang Member:Where you from?

Some Guy:Same place your from.

Gang Member:You bang?

Some Guy:I wish.

At this point it might be a good idea to buy the Gang Member a beer.
#gang #member #where #you #from
作者 BIG DADDY DOUGH 2006年7月16日
A phrase used by Gang Members to verbally identify other Gang Members. Either friendly, or hostile.
Hey, where you from?

I'm from hell for you Homie. Families. Orange Grove Street Families.
#turf #gang #carl johnson #ballas #grove street
作者 CeeJay!!! 2007年3月03日
What do u claim? do u bang?
作者 chello 2003年2月20日


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