Top Definition
1. something is awesome (often used as its own sentence, and pronounced: piss-ah)
2. something is extremely difficult (sometimes wicked is dropped)
1. The Sox game last night was wicked pisser.
2. oh, wicked pisser. that sucks.
作者 Jon22 2006年10月16日
Top bloke and/or tune, to be used in the context...
"Oh yeah, that aphex shit's a wicked pisser"
作者 Tom and Gav 2006年6月03日
A retarded half-wit remark for a douche bag who does nothing but cheer on the Sawx and Pats.
Ayyyy I saw that game it was wicked pisser because the sawx won baby!
作者 Kermit Sly 2008年9月20日


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