The art of manipulating ink to do your dirty work.
I can write whatever the fuck I want, no one can stop me with my pen and paper.
#hobby #lifstyle #boredom resort #free time #gurble.
作者 Jon Kassab 2008年4月06日
Top Definition
to graffiti
you cumin out ritin 2nite?
作者 Ruda 2003年8月05日
the art of distorting letters

and graffiti is what these ignorant bastards call it

also it was started by white people in europe sum of the best writers are whit so dont even start sayin its sum stupid gang shit

n one more thing it can be on anything
yo im gona go and write on sum shit tonite wana bomb wit me?
#best #pimp #i #am #god
作者 drunkamakazi 2007年11月06日


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