Anything that anybody would find delictable in and around their mouths. Also see Jessica Alba.
guy 1: dude that looks yummy
guy 2: i know, I love fries
guy 1: i was talking bout the waitress but whatever man


girl 1: oh boy i had the best time last night
girl 2: with who?
girl 1: you.
girl 2: oh true im too hung over to remember, sounds yummy though.
作者 your mom was yummy 2010年10月10日
a very hot guy/girl that you would fuck
"you are soooo yummy"
作者 gigglybelly 2006年7月14日
Some one who is good. Kissable, sweet, and sexy.
"Erwin is so Yummy!"
作者 Emely 2005年5月03日
something so deliciously sexy you just want to lick it & love it
He was so yummy in that tight shirt I couldn't help myself.
作者 princessD 2003年5月05日
the state of being excessivly attractive causing a girl to drool and possibly pass out

Edward's abs were so yummy, I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and pet them.
作者 Una bella flor 2006年12月10日
sexy and delicious at the same time
emil hirsch is yummy
作者 silly P 2004年1月19日
an adj. or expression describing how delicoius something is (It is usually only reserved for times when the food is so good it causes the person eating the food to moan and groan in delight.)
This steak (uhmmm) is yummy.
作者 fatwinks 2005年4月03日



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